ROP and Classified Ad Sizes:
Column Width Inches
1 Col. 1.15
2 Col. 2.4
3 Col. 3.7
4 Col. 5
5 Col. 6.2
6 Col. 7.5
7 Col. 8.75
8 Col. 10
Maximum Ad Depth is 20.7"

Color Ads:
SPOT COLOR: Any spot color ad must be created using only cyan & black. Please specify print color to your sales rep.

PROCESS COLOR: Any process color must be created using only CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black). Do Not use any spot colors, pantones, labs, or RGB elements.

Sending Ads:
We accept the following formats:

  • PDF Files (Must have fonts embedded, if color see above)
  • .tif files
  • .jpg files
  • .eps files
  • Photos & Graphics must be .tif, .jpg or .eps files

We accept the following media:

  • E-mailed Documents (Sent to
  • CD/DVD

Mail to our Printing Plant at:

Stonebridge Press Inc.,
Building #25 c/o Southbridge Business Center
14 Mechanic Street
Southbridge, MA 01550

Please call Julie Clarke, Production Manager
Stonebridge Press, Villager Newspapers (508) 909-4105          

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